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What is e-Commerce?

E-commerce is when a person buys or sells a product or service online. This sale can be between a business to another business, a business to a customer, a customer to a customer or even a customer to a business.

How it can help you take your business to the next level?

One of the best ways to make money online is through e-Commerce. E-Commerce is becoming the fastest growing industry. With e-Commerce you are no longer limited by the location of your business. You can now sell from anywhere making it convenient for both you and the customer. Online businesses even operate while you sleep.

You can now track all transactions easily. You will find that you have lower overhead costs with an online store and catalogue in comparison to a brick and mortar store and hardcopy catalogues.

The Digital Transformation

E-commerce is well known for being able to allow businesses to communicate and to form transactions anytime and anyplace. Businesses can now use Facebook messenger to keep in touch with their clients. With Facebook Messenger, a business owner can reply immediately. E-commerce has changed the way businesses operate. Whether an individual is in the South Africa or overseas, business can now be done online.

eCommerce Websites

Impress your customers with a beautiful and secure online store. No technical knowledge or design skills? No worries! ShopLi’s will design a beautiful online store so that you can sell your products online. We have a dedicated team to train you on how to manage your online store. You will also receive a complimentary manual, accompanied with various eCommerce marketing strategies. We also provide you with state of the art website security, to ensure your customers have a safe shopping experience.

ShopLi can also help set up your email account, manage your domain and provide ongoing maintenance and support. We will link your payment gateway to your online store to ensure a fast and pleasant checkout process. We also integrate with major courier companies to make the delivery process hassle-free. As a value added service we also setup and link your social media with the website and vice versa.


ShopLi will design an attractive online catalogue to convert browsers into buyers. A dedicated team will teach you how to manage your online catalogue and online marketing strategies. Our team will also provide you with a free manual. Our experienced design team will use their skills to set up trendy social media platforms.

ShopLi also provides you with email accounts, email set up and guided email installation. We will also host your online catalogue, keeping it up and running. We manage your domain, offer continuous support and maintenance. We ensure your website is secure with start of the art online security. The BEST part is that you can upgrade to an eCommerce store at NO extra cost when you are ready to sell online.

eCommerce Marketing

Don’t have the time to market your eCommerce store? No problem at all!

Our Internet marketing experts have been trained by the best and have many years of experience. We have Internet marketing experts who specialize in directing people to your online store and catalogues. ShopLi use the most effective Internet marketing tools which is Google AdWords and email marketing.

Our certified Google AdWords specialists will manage your online campaign providing you with monthly reports.

Our internationally trained email marketers will help you to strategise an action plan to help drive people to your online store or catalogue. We will then manage your action plan and provide you monthly reports.